What we do….
Follow Your Path is committed to trail blazing and helping brands to forge their own roads by finding

their inner voice, rhythm and expression. We are not here to create a me-too world. We scream diversity, individuality and creativity. We are dedicated to creating inspirational brands with awe-inspiring visions, authentic values, holistic communications and transformational programs.

In particular, we focus our work of global brand positioning, program design and implementation for companies who are committed to health, sustainability, community and transformation. We strive to create inspirational brands…

Inspirational brands operate on multiple bottom lines;

social, environmental and fiscal…
They are the activists that walk their talk with heart and soul. They present
new perspectives and possibilities for change. They touch people souls. They ignite a passion in people to impact the world in a positive way. They attempt to make the world a better place. They are…

Visionary: Authentic: Activists: Mantra:

Have an awe-inspiring vision
Have authentic values, expressed consistently in everything they say and do.

Take a stand on their beliefs. Act on their values. Educate. Walk the talk, exemplifying holistic communications

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How we do it….

We employ creativity and not focus group facilities. We create customized workshops, use enactments, ethnographies, collages, card sorts, story telling, street scene studies and any other technique for getting close to the heart of the problem.

Follow Your Path leaves no stone unturned to truly understand the issues facing your consumer, category and brand. We apply clear, integrated thinking and actionable solutions presented in a way that you can use… reports, videos, image boards, brand museums… any method that brings solutions to life and creates a touchstone for your team.